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Jubah Azalea is a beautiful long maxi dress with massive fabric allocated for the flare from above waistline downwards.
Perfect to hide your tummy and hips, this soft chiffon jubah dress is fully lined with lace embroidery attached on the sleeves and top.

S: Pink SOLD
S: Grey SOLD
S: Green SOLD
M: Grey 
M: Green SOLD
L: Pink SOLD
L: Grey
L: Green SOLD
S: Shoulder 16", Bust 37", Sleeve Length 21.5", Length 58"
M: Shoulder 16", Bust 39", Sleeve Length 22", Length 58"
L: Shoulder 17", Bust 41", Sleeve Length 22", Length 58"
Jubah Azalea:
RM 190
NOW RM 133
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Empire of Elegance

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